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To inquire about availability for your event, please contact us:

Rowan Big Band All Stars  ~


Your event is important... why not offer your guests the  sophisticated presence of a classic big band from a bygone era?
Reasonable rates... outstanding performances... Thats the RBB!

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From sophisticated background music to dancing to full-blown concert performances, we offer musical experiences which will enhance your guests' enjoyment and add a memorable flair to your special event. We also offer complete entertainment packages with guest vocalists and more active interaction with your guests. The level of performance is up to you, and will depend how you want the band to fit into your event plans.


An 18-piece band can seem imposing.. you might think it will dominate your hall. Not so!


While we can spread out (and enjoy the opportunity), we play very comfortably in smaller venues such as jazz clubs, golf clubhouses, home weddings on the patio, etc. We tailor our sound accordingly; never too loud. The comfort of your guests is important to us! 


A minimum 20' X 25' area is required to accommodate the band's performances, and we recommend that guests be seated no closer than 12' to the band for their comfort and enjoyment.




The fine print:

  • $300 deposit (deducted from total engagement fee) required for each booking.

  • The Rowan Big Band All Stars do not perform with less than our full complement of 16-18 musicians.

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